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October 27, 2014

New faces at the council table, 40% voter turn-out, strong mandate for Watson

Unofficial results from the City of Ottawa:

Candidate Votes%
Bernard Couchman12550.51
Mike Maguire4634118.66
Rebecca Pyrah28401.14
Michael St. Arnaud16280.66
Anwar Syed34731.40
Jim Watson18925376.20
Robert White18150.73
Darren W. Wood17640.71
Eligible voters: 632385
Vote Tabulators: 700/700
Ballots cast: 252464
Turnout %: 39.92

New councillors include:

  • Jean Cloutier in Alta Vista
  • Michael Qaqish in Gloucester-South Nepean
  • Jody Mitic in Innes
  • Jeff Leiper in Kitchissippi
  • George Darouze in Osgoode
  • Catherine McKenney in Somerset
  • Tobi Nussbaum in Rideau-Rockcliffe
  • Riley Brockington in River
More to come...

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