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August 10, 2014

The Richmond Bakery has closed

Photo via Google Maps

The Richmond Bakery has closed.

Current owner Joe Kunert had been baking there for 35 years. He posted a note on the door yesterday that said: ""Sorry, closed! Thank-you all, for your support over the years! Joe."

We called the bakery today but there was no answer.  Last year, the Stittsville News at a brief article about a proposed development for the property that would have included a multi-storey building on the site.  Scott Moffatt, the city councillor for Richmond, told OttawaStart this morning the project "didn't go anywhere".

The first Richmond Bakery was opened in 1930 by Harold Brown, and it has operated at this location (Perth at McBean) since 1952. Does anyone know more about the history of the place or about why it closed?  CFRA reports that Kunert couldn't find enough skilled employees to keep the bakery running.  The Ottawa Citizen has some info about the closure and the history of the bakery here...

Here are some comments this morning from Twitter and Facebook:
  • @seniortravellor: "Used to take the kids every Saturday for the raisin buns covered with sticky icing. Sad."
  • @shariwhisk: "Sad news about Richmond Bakery! Their buns were amazing."
  • @chrisavery: "Can't believe it. I grew up in Richmond.. getting donuts there was a Saturday morning tradition. "
  • @tkleinwalsh: "I used to meet a client there at our cheque time. It became our sacred ritual & was better than using the mail. Good memories."
  • Gwyneth Depport: "So sad, I remember well the boxes of donuts Dad used to bring home. My dad was Bill Price, we lived on Carp Road and later on Hillcrest in Stittsville. This bakery, Bills Main St store and the icerink are all part of my happy memories of living there."
  • Alanna Code: "What a shame. I'm still mourning the loss of the Stittsville Bakery and that was many years ago! (And it wasn't around nearly as long as the Richmond Bakery.)"

For what it's worth, the bakery passed all recent inspections.

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1 comment:

  1. Some years ago, on Fridays I would pick up a couple dozen donuts and take to work. First come first serve always meant a gathering. At "United Way" time, six or so dozen donuts would be picked up and a donation box or tin set up. The donations were fantastic.

    Sadly, it was time. The Richmond Bakery was run down, not particularly inviting/appetizing and badly in need of a costly makeover I suspect that the opening of the "Tims" last year was the last straw.



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