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July 22, 2014

Brian Double: Killin' Krazy Kilometers (training for a 100km run)

Guest blogger Brian Double is training for a 100km from Ottawa to Montebello this fall. He'll be checking in from time to time with udpates on his progress. You can read previous entries here.

I need to run how many hours?  Saturday AND Sunday? Seriously?!?

My training for the 100km run has certainly kicked it up a notch.  I’m hoping the old adage about non-fatality of an action holds true.  This weekend I will be running 4 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday.  This is a crazy increase but I’m looking forward to it.  I have some newcompression socks that I want try out : )

My fundraising has been going amazingly well thanks to my family, friends and co-workers.  I’ve already raised over 80% of my $2000 goal – half from through online donations and half through a Frozen Treat Fridays Fundraiser.  I am astounded by everyone’s generosity and how people want to join in the quest to End Kids Cancer!  I’m planning some more fundraising activities and hope to be able to announce those soon.  I’d love to raise waaaaaaayyyyyyy more than the initial goal – wouldn’t it be fantabulous if, with your help, we could do 150%, 200% or more of fundraising goal!

Since the fundraising has been going so well, I now have to pick up the pace with my training.  How does one train to run one-hundred kilometres?  By running... lots and lots of running.  But I also have to fit my training around the rest of my work, family and social life so I have to be a bit creative.  My trick is to run commute to work to get all the kilometres in.  

My training schedule:
Monday – REST (good way to start the week!)
Tuesday – run to and from work (9km each way = 18 km)
Wednesday – easy trail run at lunch time (5-6km)
Thursday – run to and from work (9 km each way = 18 km)
Friday – REST (TGIF!)

Saturday and Sunday are all about the double long run.  Any race training I’ve done previously has included a long run on Saturday OR Sunday.  Training for 100km is about learning to run on tired legs so they have you run on both days.  I’m using this training plan from New Zealand to let me know how long to run each day.  I have two-three brutal weekends in a row followed by an easier weekend, and then it increases in brutality.  Super! 

I spend most weekends of the summer at my trailer near Cheneville and so my long runs are long and HILLY runs.  I’m hoping this will help me be even better prepared for the 100km.
I’ve also been doing some fun and crazy races!  Keeps me out of trouble : )

Please visit my donation page to help End Kids Cancer.



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