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October 19, 2013

Photographer Justin Van Leeuwen opens a pop-up studio in Hintonburg

Photo courtesy of @foodieprints
On Thursday night we checked out Justin Van Leeuwen's new pop-up studio in Hintonburg. (It's only open for a very limited time, until October 29 at 1089 Somerset Street West.)  There's a good chance you've seen his work before, either on his web site or on our blog or in a local newspaper or magazine. He takes some pretty creative photos, and is probably best known for his "Extreme Family" series.

"My idea was to give my photography a bit of space to breathe," he says. "I typically work out of my home and mostly shoot on location with my clients, but some people just need some simple studio work. Temporarily having my own space lets me meet the needs of one of my headshot clients, all while having some branding and images on the wall to show off some of my best stuff."

(He's also doing a lighting workshop on October 25 and 26 too, worth checking out if you're into photography.)

When you visit the studio, you'll see several of his portraits blown up to a massive scale, revealing a lot of detail that you can't get from a computer screen or a magazine page. Take the photo below ("Darryl McMahon, Electric Vehicles"). When you see this enlarged, those objects in the background all of a sudden become alive and reveal an immense amount of detail. (Justin mentioned to me that the large format revealed some features that even he hadn't noticed before in some of the portraits.)

Darryl McMahon, Electric Vehicles

Check it out, but call or email Justin beforehand to make sure he'll be there. He's a busy photographer and if you're planning to visit it's best to make an appointment.

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