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October 12, 2013

Ottawa is Boring: The ultimate LRT tunnel construction t-shirt

UPDATE: The Citizen's David Reevely tells OttawaStart that the machine on the t-shirt is in fact not technically a boring machine, but a roadheader. (Boring machines are perfectly round, like this one.) There's a detailed Citizen article about the machine and the process involved to dig the tunnel. Anyhow, to sum up, this means that, in fact, OTTAWA IS NOT BORING!

Anybody want to print up some t-shirts for me?  It's inspired by the nasty-looking machine that's being used to dig a light rail tunnel deep underneath Ottawa. CBC's Alistair Steele described it as "Jules Verne meets Dr. Seuss meets an 8-year-old boy's ultimate vehicle".  (At least one person compared it to something else.)

Photo supplied by the City of Ottawa

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  1. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Wow. I have two little boys who would love to see this machine in person. Is is available somewhere to view???

  2. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Same as Anonymous 10:39, my boys (and my tomboy self) would love to see this!

  3. Anonymous12:55 AM

    Would buy the shirt for my son for sure! Great idea

  4. It feels good to wear a t-shirt imprinted with one of the most effective tunneling machines.

    Sanola Jerry

    Plos Constructions


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