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September 10, 2013

PHOTO: Midcentury Liquor-Control.

I really like this photo of the LCBO warehouse on Bank Street near Walkley.  Photographer Christopher Ryan researched a bit of history too:
Ottawa's shiny new warehouse for the Liquor Control Board of Ontario opened at the end of April 1959. A growing city with growing a growing demand for liquor meant that the facilities quickly needed a retail presence. In 1968, the LCBO called for tenders to construct this addition (and undertake alterations to the existing premises) that was designed by local architectural firm Balharrie, Helmer, and Gibson. 
The firm designed a large number of buildings and additions around the city. Some contemporary (to the LCBO) examples that I've been able to find in short order are: Sir Robert Borden high school, the additions to Gloucester High, Lanark House residence at Carleton, and the pavilion at Hog's Back.
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