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September 24, 2013

Andrew King uncovers a shipwreck in the Ottawa River

UPDATE (JANUARY 25, 2014): Mystery revealed! Andrew has uncovered the name and the history of this ship. You can read about it here...

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  1. This is a great place to paddle to from Ottawa or Gatineau, directly across from Rideau Falls in a bay that has an island and flower pot like structures built of riveted sheet metal that were likely used to chain log booms to. You can also reach it by bicycle along the bike path from Ottawa. After passing through Parc Jacques-Cartier, you can ride along the bike trail beside Fournier Blvd. As you pass a meadow (that is really an old garbage dump that has been covered over) where you can see the Rideau Falls through an opening of trees by the shore, you will come to a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists with an old derelict logging building on the opposite shore. Before crossing the bridge, look for a bike path that follows the western shoreline of the inlet towards the Ottawa River that takes you to a fishing spot just opposite the bank where the shipwreck lays. Here you can enjoy the sight, have a picnic, and take some photos without disturbing this curious relic.

  2. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Yup... Located in Parc Ecologic Du Lac Leamy. Seen this hundreds of times really haunting, but the area that is is located in is simply stunning.


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