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August 08, 2013

We're giving away an all-show pass to My Summer Crush, August 13-31 at Arts Court

Next week, my friends at Crush Improv are launching a three week summer series at Arts Court called My Summer Crush.  It runs from August 13-31 and includes performances, workshops, out-of-town guests, guest performers, a cash bar and more.  (I'll be playing piano for some of the nights too.)

We have an all-show pass to give away. Here's how to enter:
We want to hear about your favourite summer crush.  Maybe it was the crush you had on a camp councillor at summer camp, or the ice cream you couldn't live without, or even your very first car that you drove around in all summer.  Whatever your crush, tell us about it in the comments below.
The best entry will be selected to receive an all show pass to My Summer Crush (value $65), which gets you into all the shows in this fantastic three week line-up. Contest closes Monday, August 12 at noon. Good luck!

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  1. My first time working for the federal government was as a summer student.

    I spent a glorious summer discovering the byzantine ways of bureaucracy.

    Nothing will ever top the culture shock of my first time with the Feds.

  2. Jennifer1:02 PM

    my favourite crush was this summer and it was on Tim Anderson :)

  3. My biggest summer crush this year is also one of my favorites... the tall, dark-haired, good-looking "narrator" with the smooth and sexy radio-voice in The Tragical Histoire of Nick Wade and Other F-Ups at this summer's Fringe Festival. Can't wait to see more of his shows in the future!

  4. I remember one particular summer crush back in the halcyon days of my youth, the year 2000, pre-9/11, a time of innocence and naivete. I was a portly chum even then and the object of my affection was everything I aspired to be. Smart, athletic, confident. She wasn't even on a pedestal but hanging from fishing wire like some exhibitions you see in some galleries today. Yes all summer I pined for her and even as the leaves the fell my love remained evergreen (that was some dendrological wordplay). Alas it was not to be fore she was both employed by my parents and more than twice my age, my babysitter. But Gina, if you're out there, perhaps reading this, let it be known that our age difference is far less creepy now.


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