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April 16, 2013

PHOTOS: This old schoolhouse in Nepean could be yours for just under a million bucks

I was driving down Slack Road in Nepean on the weekend and saw that the old schoolhouse is up for sale.  Approx 2,000 square feet on a big lot, yours for only $950,000.  (Here's the listing.)

A faded stone above the door has a name "S.S. No 13" and a date "1897".  It was better known as Merivale Public School, and operated as a one-room schoolhouse until the newer elementary school was built next door in 1955. After that it had a few uses including an Orange Hall and a Bhuddist centre. There's a bit more about the history of the building here...

(I went to school at the "new" Merivale Public back in the 1980's. That building looks pretty rough from the outside these days. The old play structure has been torn down, the windows are dark and the building could use some fresh paint. It stopped operating as a public school nearly a decade ago.  According to this page it's now owned by Public Works and is used for training by the Canada Border Services Agency.)

Heritage building on Slack Road
Heritage building on Slack Road. Photo by Glen Gower.

Front door and windows on heritage building on Slack Road
Photo by Glen Gower.

Front of heritage building on Slack Road
Photo by Glen Gower.

Heritage plaque on the building on Slack Road
Photo by Glen Gower.

Bell tower on heritage building on Slack Road
Photo by Glen Gower.
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