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February 27, 2013

Ottawa photo of the day: Commuters help push an OC Transpo bus out of the snow

This photo kind of sums up the day, doesn't it?  This pic was taken around 4:45pm near Baseline and Greenbank.  The 118 Hurdman got stuck and some helpful Ottawans pitched in and pushed. No word if they were successful.  They were successful. The Ottawa Citizen has a bit more on the story here.

I nominate them for commuters of the year.

This photo was originally published on Reddit and is republished here with permission of the photographer, Tadja Roy.

UPDATE: More info about the photo was posted to Reddit today: "O.k., to clarify, it was a 118 Hurdman, and yes it was near the Pinecrest stop on Baseline. I was in the red coat. Most people on that bus had been waiting for it for almost an hour. We had to get out to lighten to load, when that didn't work, we said fuck it, let's push. Got that one unstuck, I waited for the next one, which was just down the street. After we got on the other bus, the one that we got unstuck jack-knifed turning onto Constellation. The new bus that I go on jack-knifed at Baseline and Centrepointe, and hit a sign, so we got on a 3rd bus, and it took 15-20 min to get from there to Baseline Station. Then pushed 2 more cars out of the city hall parking lot while waiting for a bus to get me home. Crazy day."

UPDATE: OC Transpo boss John Manconi met with members of the media on Thursday and told them that about 200 OC Transpo buses were stuck because of the snow. He also politely suggested that commuters should not push buses:

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  1. Anonymous8:43 AM

    how OC Transpo is saving money on fuel...

  2. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Hey I was on that bus too and got to push the bus :).. thank God when it got stuck the second time near Constellation, this was was my stop but still I had to plough though the snow to go home! it was a crazy day!


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