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September 06, 2012

I've got a sinking feeling about this hole thing: Funny stuff about the Ottawa sinkhole

"Sinkhole" has now surpassed "long line at Tim's drive-thru" and "Hog's Back Bridge was up" as Ottawa's favourite late-for-work excuse.  The latest city update from earlier today confirmed that the sinkhole has gained sentience and is demanding meals of taxis and snowplows.

The giant car-swallowing sinkhole on the eastbound Highway 174 at Jeanne D'Arc is causing massive traffic delays for Orleans commuters, and it's spawned some amusing tweets, memes, jokes and even a song.  (We'll keep updating this blog post over the next few weeks - please send suggestions to feedback@ottawastart.com)

One of the first out of the gate was @atomicnoggin, who created this using a photo from the Ottawa Fire Service:

The folks over at Majic Mornings put together this song called "Stuck in a hole":

Some people seem to have developed a paranoia about sinkholes, like @domcoballe, who posted this photo with the caption "Another devastating sinkhole (unconfirmed) in Ottawa."

Carter Brown at Kiss 105.3 FM came up with this song parody:

Cub Carson and the folks at Bob FM came up with this song parody:

Making the best of a bad situation, via @picamc:

Steve Warne from Team 1200 is accepting entries for a sinkhole photoshop contest:

More Photoshop fun (seen on Reddit, but source unknown): 

Here's one of those annoying Facebook card things:

Over on Twitter:
  • Someone's created a @174sinkhole account.  The sinkhole seems to be a bit lonely.
  • I've enjoyed the o-dot's take on the situation, including "Tim Horton's Drive Thru Planned For Orleans Sinkhole" and "Anne Geddes Arrives In Ottawa To Take Artsy Photos Of Babies In Sinkhole".
  • The o-dot also proposed yet another Ottawa festival to be called "SinkholeFest", with "bands to include Hole and Passion Pit". (To which my brother @mattgowerottawa responded: "Pavement was scheduled to play Sinkholefest, but those plans fell through...")

  • We asked OttawaStart followers to suggest a name for the sinkhole.  My favourite was "Holeans", suggested by @michelsavard01.  
There's a sinkhole web site: www.isthesinkholefixedyet.ca/

And finally, as much as we laugh and complain about the sinkhole, it's probably worth keeping in mind that it's very, very lucky nobody was seriously injured.

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