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June 29, 2012

Fake Friday: Environment Canada "Humidex Feeler" Gary Knapp Speaks Out

Ottawa - The recent heatwave staggering the regions of Eastern Canada have brought temperatures into the mid-30s, but with a "humidex"factor of reaching into the 40s. The increasing humidex factor has many people wondering how the humidex is calculated, as most times it is simply stated as "Feels like 43 with the humidex" during weather updates.

Who determines this and "feels" the temperature?  The O-dot has learned that Environment Canada uses aprofessional "Humidex Feeler", who just goes outside and announces it feels like a certain temperature, which is then used in weather updates for each city.

Ottawa's Humidex Feeler is Gary Knapp, 54, who works at the Ottawa division of Environment Canada and reports what his job is during a heat wave.

"I usually have to step outside at 9am, noon and 3pm, then sit there for a minute of two. I then contemplate what it kinda feels like to me, then announce it to the weather department, which updates all the news outlets." Knapp explains.

Read the full report on the-o-dot.  This excerpt is republished here with permission.

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