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May 22, 2012

PHOTO: The planet Saturn as seen from a back porch in Ottawa

Here's a photo of Saturn, taken by Oscar Echeverri using a telescope, on his back porch in Ottawa.  Oscar tells us:
I took the photo using my Canon Rebel T3 DSLR, mounted to my 8" SkyWatcher Dobsonian telescope using the prime focus method -- basically the camera is mounted to the scope with no lens so the telescope acts as a really long camera lens. 
The image is really a composite of about 26 shots of Saturn stacked together. The individual shots were taken with at different shutter speeds. I took the shots between 12:54AM and 1:05AM on Thursday morning (May 17). Since my telescope doesn't have automatic tracking, I had to re-aim it between shots to get the planet back in the centre of the field of view.
Saturn's visible to the naked eye too - look for a bright object high in the southern sky.

(More on stargazing in Ottawa: "Seven tips for stargazing in Ottawa's suburbs")
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  1. Excellent. Proving that there is no substitute for optical magnification.


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