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May 11, 2012

Ottawa's best samosas, as recommended by our readers

Potato and pea samosas. From iStockphoto.

It all started out so innocently when Wilson Lo tweeted this question on Thursday night:

We retweeted his question on the @ottawastart Twitter feed, and our readers came up with these recommendations:

  • @robertdekker: "Boushey's on Elgin usually has fresh samosas."
  • @afooteCTV: "Not sure about best, but Mike's Place at Carleton has some good ones."
  • @Luccidor: "Totally agree about the Mike's Place samosas. I wonder if they still have that addictive chutney?"
  • @Stevemus_Prime: "I forget the name of the place, but it's on ground floor of apartment bldg across from Home Depot on Bank St"
  • @AllisonJette: "Deli on the ground floor of an apartment building on Bank St across from Home Depot. Hard to get to but worth it."
  • @willems_steph: "Convenience store on Slater and Bay usually has fresh ones"
  • @melainsworthroy: "I'm a big fan of the ones at Rainbow Foods near Richmond Rd and Carling!"

(Pretty sure the place across from Home Depot is called Sambuza Village. Here's a review from Ottawa Magazine.)

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