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March 11, 2012

Help the Brothers Dube get to Haiti (it's for a good cause)

We received this email recently from the Brothers Dube, who we've mentioned a few times before on this blog. They're the kid / teenage rock band out of Orleans.

Brothers Dube are at it again and need YOUR help getting to Haiti to share their message so please donate and share (donations are tax-deductible).
THANK YOU For helping us raise over $140,000 for the needyWhen some of you came to see us that first show at the Raw Sugar Cafe two years ago, we didn't know we were on our way to becoming United Way Community Builder of the year award. Since then we've raised over $140,000 for charity through hundreds of shows and all of it came from people like YOU. Thanks to YOU, in addition to the much needed supplies (food, water and medicine) for orphans at the House of Hope orphanage, they were able to rebuild the girls dormitory which had taken too much structural damage. They were also able to purchase a vehicle in order to run important errands at the orphanage. Your donations were directed to specific projects, with specific results. 
Along the way, we also got asked by lots of other kids, "How can WE make a difference?" and now we're going to answer that question. 
NOW we're SHARING our journey of compassion with other kids, maybe YOUR kids!On April 3, we're going to Haiti to film a day in the life of a Haitian child, which we will be taking into Canadian classrooms (along with our axes) to share with students so that they too can help in a number of ways, by volunteering their time. Our school will be donating much needed supplies for the schools and families we are visiting. Once we back, we're playing our first show at Emily Carr Middle school on April 27. 
So this year, instead of our annual fundraiser for Haiti, we're raising funds to cover the trip's expenses and asking you to make a tax-deductible donation by giving online at our funding page. We're also accepting Air Miles which can be transferred as well on the same page. Please help us share our message with kids everywhere to educate, inspire, and empower them with the choice to become socially active contributors and donate today. The sooner we meet our funding objective, the sooner we can get packing!!! 
YOU CAN HELP NOWYou've shown us what's possible over the last two years, now help us share that story. Donate now and please SHARE this with others to help us change the world in our own little way.  
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