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February 17, 2012

Fake Friday: Canada Unveils New "Away" Flag On National Flag Day

Ottawa - In celebration of National Flag Day across the country, Heritage Canada unveiled Canada's new "away" flag at a ceremony earlier this morning. Heritage Minister Alan Crosby was in attendance to introduce the new flag that will be used by Canadians while abroad and on the road.

The new away flag was introduced to help commemorate the Canadian flag that was first inaugurated on February 15, 1965 and to honour the country's rich hockey heritage. Heritage Minister Alan Crosby hailed the new flag as "a great way to promote Canada and hockey while on the road or in another country."

Using the familiar red and white colours, the flag reverses the typical flag colour scheme to a red background with a white leaf and pales on either end in the same manner a hockey team uses white while playing away from home ice.

Crosby announced the new flag with Heritage spokesperson Wendy DeLenne who helped unveil the away flag to the waiting press and media. "We hope to have the first production run of new away flags by as early as next month so we can get them hoisted and promote our country in this new, and exciting manner." DeLenne exclaimed.

The public will have a chance to purchase the new away flag in a variety of sizes online through the Heritage Canada website, or at your local Canadian Tire Store next month.

This article originally appeared on the-o-dot.  You should read it on a regular basis.

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