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February 24, 2012

A bleak and beautiful day: reader photos of today's snow storm

Here are some reader photos of today's snow storm.  Depending on your perspective, today's weather was either bleak or beautiful.  I'm okay with the snow. We've had it easy this winter.  If you have a great photo of Ottawa -- snowy or otherwise -- please send it to feedback@ottawastart.com or add it to our OttawaStart Flickr Group.

"Just when we thought Spring was on its way" by @sumit_sekhri
"Untitled" by Bill Jowett
"Snowy shot of Ottawa" by Trevor Turner

"Waiting for the late bus on campus after work" submitted by Carleton Art Gallery.

"Beautiful snow out there" by Alison Fowler

"Untitled" by Cale Helmer

"First (and last?) big snow of winter" by jrprus
"Visibilite nulle sur Pont Alexandra" par Martin Tremblay

"The snow show" by Barrie M
"Untitled" by natpress

"Untitled" by LT

"Here we go again" by Luciana Nechita.

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  1. This is, what winter should look like. We didn't have any winter at all this year in Munich, Germany.


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