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January 21, 2012

Where in Ottawa: Photo of a bleak winter road

UPDATE: Congrats to Anonymous and neeroc who both correctly guessed that this pohot shows  Cedarview Rd. in Nepean.

I really like this photo from Ottawa photographer and musician Tammy Raybould.  Can you guess where it was taken?   Your only clue: it's somewhere in Nepean.  Add your guess in the comments below.  Winner gets bragging rights and a congratulatory message on the OttawaStart Twitter feed!

(I'm borrowing this "Where in Ottawa" idea from Ottawa's Ross Brown ... every once in a while he does a "Where in Ottawa" post on his blog.)

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  1. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Cedarview rd.

  2. Too funny! I was just telling Ross that I was going to start posting pictures of random trees and asking him where they were *g*. (And I totally agree with Cedarview, just south of Hunt Club)

  3. Thanks for the mention! Where In Ottawa runs on my blog on the first Monday of each month. February's photo is shot and ready to go on the 6th.

    Ottawa's a small city, isn't it? Tammy is a family friend and was my daughter's piano teacher. Neeroc and I are social-media bus!

    Great photo!

  4. Thanks for chiming in Ross.
    Small world ... turns out everybody knows everybody after all.

  5. Gotta be Cedarview below Hunt Club.


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