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January 06, 2012

Fake Friday: Westboro Mom Helps Kids Build Racially Diverse, Gender Neutral "Snowperson"

Westboro- In keeping with her parenting philosophy that children should not be forced into gender specific activities, a Westboro mother of two helped her daughters build a racially diverse and gender neutral snowperson after last night's snow fall.

Traditionally referred to as a "snowman", Golden Avenue resident Laura Hayden-Hornberg decided her children should use a more progressive approach to the winter activity and encouraged her children to make the figure in the likeness of someone who is neither female or male and represents all races instead of the usually "white" persona.

"My kids need to learn that a snowman can be anyone, not just a white man." Hayden-Hornberg explained.

"Too often our children are subjected to a narrow-minded male dominated approach to winter activities, so I wanted to expand their conceptual learning with a diverse and culturally nurturing snowperson."

Hayden-Hornberg's daughters, Kaela, 6, and Rannah, 4 both constructed the snowperson using filtered organic snow from last night's abundant snowfall.

"I have a special snow filtering system that filters out any harmful impurities in the snow, making it safe for my children to play in and build their snowperson." remarked Hayden-Hornberg.

The daughters then dyed the snow a different colour other than white using special organic dyes and outfitted the snowperson in gender neutral, hemp sourced accessories.

When asked what to call their creation, both daughters looked apprehensively at their nearby mother, who suggested they call it "Abiria", a Swahili name used for either a male or female.

The daughters then commented how later this week they will use their specially filtered snow to construct a French-Immersion version of the famous "Bon Homme" character but call it "Bon Neige".

This article originally appeared on the-o-dot and is republished here with very kind permission of the author.

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