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September 16, 2011

Fake Friday: "Smell Of Mechanicsville" to Join "Taste Of Wellington" This Weekend

Wellington Village - The fifth anniversary of Wellington West BIA's "Taste Of Wellington" event kicks off once again this weekend where you can check out the area's great taste in food, fashion, and fun as thirty-five of the finest restaurants and food shops tantalize taste buds with samples of their specialties.

Tying in with this popular event will be the first annual "Smell Of Mechanicsville, where visitors can wander the streets of the neighbourhood and sample the myriad of interesting smells and aromas emanating from its diverse array of buildings.

 Mechanicsville BIA President Denise Hawkburn says their "Smell of Mechanicsville" will tie in nicely with the "Taste Of Wellington" and hopes visitors will get a chance to enjoy both events that are mere blocks apart from each other.

"We have over 50 unique smells in our neighbourhood ranging from rotting garbage, to mouldy abandoned buildings, to the smell of a recently tarred roof." exclaimed Hawkburn, who hopes to make the Smell Of Mechanicsville just as popular as its sister neighbourhood's "Taste Of Wellington", which offers crowds free samples of food from the variety of restaurants located in the Wellington West neighbourhood.

Hawkburn also reminds visitors that the "Smell Of Mechanicsville" will be offering kids rides in a horse drawn engineless TransAm as well as unemployed clowns making fibreglass animals made out of unused construction insulation from a recent in-fill project. The "Smell Of Mechanicsville" event begins in conjunction with "Taste Of Wellington" starting at 11am on Saturday Spetember 17 and runs until 4pm.

This article originally appeared on the-o-dot and is republished here with permission.

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