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August 17, 2011

Photo: Buildings on Green Island

Such a calm shot of the buildings on Green Island on the Ottawa River.  Once these buildings made up Ottawa City Hall and now they're owned by the Federal Government and houses employees in the Foreign Affairs Department. And one lonely cloud reflected in the water. Photo submitted by Douglas Murray.  If you have a great photo of Ottawa, please send to feedback@ottawastart.com.

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  1. Anonymous1:32 AM

    Great photo. A little history... The buildings in the foreground are an addition designed by architect Moshe Safdie (National Gallery, Habitat 67 in Montreal). They were completed in 1993. The metal towers on the left were a compromise between Safdie and the City of Ottawa. The original plan was to build a pair of 18-story observation towers, but the City balked at the $1 million price tag. The office block on the right was built in 1958. The International Style building was designed by John Bland of the firm Rother, Bland and Trudeau and won the Massey Medal for design in 1959.

  2. Anonymous1:38 AM

    One more comment... Looking at Moshe Safdie's addition in the foreground makes me think he was "inspired" by American architect Louis Kahn's capital building in Dhaka, Bangladesh (completed 1982).



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