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August 02, 2011

Checklist: 30 Ottawa things you still have to do before summer's over

#24: Take your dog for a run at Lemieux Island.  Photo by Diego's owner.
It's August. Already.  Here's what you still need to get done before September:
  1. Go see Mosaika and/or do yoga on Parliament Hill.
  2. Ride your bike on a parkway during Alcatel Sunday Bikedays.
  3. Have another beer on another patio.
  4. Buy fresh food at a local farmers' market.
  5. Take a road trip to Almonte or Merrickville or Perth or Wakefield or even Cornwall.
  6. Listen to some music at an outdoor music festival.
  7. Go to an electronic music festival.
  8. Go to a food festival, like garlic or cheese curds or ice cream.
  9. Watch some theatre in a park from A Company of Fools or Odyssey Theatre.
  10. Go to the fair. 
  11. Take in a Fat Cats baseball game.
  12. Skateboard.
  13. Go ghost hunting or take a haunted walk.
  14. Go see Caravaggio at the National Gallery.
  15. Walk around and admire Ottawa's street art.
  16. Explore a cave.
  17. Eat some french fries from a chip truck.
  18. Take a photo of a gorgeous sunset.
  19. Go to a drive-in movie.  There's one in Gatineau and one near Perth.
  20. Walk through the grounds at Rideau Hall.
  21. Rent a paddleboat at Dow's Lake.
  22. Watch a movie in a park in Centretown.  
  23. Play mini-golf.
  24. Take your dog for a run at Lemieux Island.
  25. Take a hike in the Greenbelt.
  26. Go to a water park.  Calypso or Mont Cascades.
  27. See some fireworks at Lac Leamy.
  28. Go to a beach in the Gatineaus.
  29. Bike down that really steep hill behind Major's Hill Park.
  30. Sit around the campfire.
Two more:

31. Test drive an expensive car you can't afford.
32. Invite your neighbours over for a bbq.

Add your summer checklist to the comments below.

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  1. 33. Get your kid to join the Ottawa Public Library's TD Summer Reading Club and check out one of our 'Splash'y programs! http://bit.ly/lYDzX9

  2. 34. Post a comment on this list :)

  3. See if you can swing higher than your kids at the nearest park - I did that today and had a blast!

  4. @josée - tried that. Almost frew up.

  5. Rita, Nepean11:30 PM

    Go see the inukshuks in the river near the Western ParkwY

  6. Sit around campfire & make SMORES or use the bbq

    FLY KITES!!!!

    Play tennis!

    Go for a nature hike at Stoney Swamp and visit the Wild Bird Care Centre.

    Learn how they wash the Cows at the Agriculture Museum & check out the new Eco exhibit.

    Go see the new Ottawa Humane Scociety on Hunt club and adopt or foster pet.

    Check out CTV Ottawa's website for which restaurants are voted tops by Ottawans and see if you agree.

    Check out a free movie in the park or on the beach brought to you by Majic 100 & Bob FM.

  7. David Webb11:30 PM

    Check out Pirate Adventures at Mooneys Bay. Our kids LOVED IT!

  8. Check out one of Ottawa's local wineries - there are at least 5 of them in the region. Jabulani in Richmond and Domaine Perrault in Navan are two of the most accessible...making great wine in your own backyard!


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