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July 05, 2011

A whole bunch of really nice photos of our beautiful city

Last week was busy with prep for Canada Day, and the week before I was on vacation, and the email box is overflowing. So in an attempt to clear it out, here are a few reader photo submissions.

Alicia Wanless sent along these two colourful photos from the recent Spencerville Mill Heritage Fair.

Photo by Barry Fawcett, River Oak Photography

Sir John A. Macdonald, back from the dead. Photo by Barry Fawcett, River Oak Photography

Douglas Murray sent us this photo of the Ottawa River on the first day of summer.  It's at Remic Rapids, not too far from Tunney's Pasture.
Photo by Douglas Murray.
Speaking of Remic Rapids, here's a photo by Wendy Stevenson.  This art is by John Felice Ceprano.

Photo by Wendy Stevenson

Here's a great angle of the Changing of the Guard ceremony, also from Wendy Stevenson.

Photo by Wendy Stevenson

Here's one of the guards at the War Memorial, at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  Photographer Christine Leblanc says: "The Soldier's stance is powerful in performing his duty.  It tells us, we are and will remain safe from harm.  Yet, his overall expression also tells us he is filled with remembrance for those who have fallen."

Poingant Pose.  Photo by Christine Leblanc

And finally, can you believe this is Brittania Beach?

Going into the sun.  Photo by Allen Deleary
We are always looking for great photos of life in Ottawa. You can send them to feedback@ottawastart.com

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