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July 15, 2011

RE-BLOG: UFO in the Ottawa River

We're on hiatus this week, so instead of new blog posts we're re-publishing some fun content from the past couple years. Remember this from July 2009?


I've been enjoying all of the conspiracy theories surrounding the police search today for an unidentified object (it may or may not have been flying) on the Ottawa River. The police called off the search, but speculation continues via Twitter. Here are some of our fave tweets from today:
  • @nahuelito: search called off for "plane" that hit ottawa river last night. are we about to welcome our new alien overlords?
  • @loislane99: If there's UFO's I'm so calling in sick tomorrow.
  • @dsi76: UFO seen last night crash in river by dozens of eyewitnesses in #Ottawabut authorities say bunch of rocks/logs found...
  • @mindcrashmelt: THERE IS A UFO IN THE OTTAWA RIVER IN CANADA. THE US MILITARY ARRIVED BEFORE THE POLICE.Here's another link to some discussion about whether it was a UFO or not, from a site called abovetopsecret.com. What do you think?
Update: Another interesting tweet: "@ufologyresearch: Precedent for UFO crash in Ottawa river: 3000lb metal chunk found after loud boom heard in 1960! http://bit.ly/Lr7bu" ... and the Elgin Street Irregulars create their own conspiracy theory:http://tinyurl.com/l2mkmu

Yet another update: Look who is on Twitter: @alienintheriver

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