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July 05, 2011

A new blog called "I (Heart) OC Transpo"

Ben Wood sent me a note to tell me about the launch of his new blog, I (Heart) OC Transpo.  Ben has been taking the bus in Ottawa since he was born.  (As a newborn he rode the bus home from the hospital with his parents, back in December 1984.)

He says: "You hear so much negativity about using OC Transpo, when the experience, 98% of the time, is actually pretty decent. I would really like to get people to see the human side of using the bus system in Ottawa. The commuters can positively or negatively impact everyone's ridership experience more so than any driver, scheduler, planner, or city budget."

The blog, and its companion Twitter feed, should be a good counterpoint to @ihateoctranspo.

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