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July 17, 2011

Main stage collapses at Bluesfest (photos & video)

Video posted by gastorch997 (embedding may be disabled for this video - click here to view)

The main stage at Bluesfest collapsed tonight during the Cheap Trick show. Various news outlets and people on the scene are reporting multiple injuries.  All Sunday evening shows have been cancelled.

Yevgeniya Lytvynenko saw the stage collapse: "It was really sudden, stage fell in slow motion. Started hailing, people were running." ... Bill Welychka: "Cheap Trick leaves after wind picks up, 20 sec later, stage falls. Worst sound ever heard. I'm praying all are ok." ... Michael Powell"No warnings- pa was cut on cheap trick, but they finished their song then it sorta just fell over."

Stephanie Woods: "There was no time for warnings or announcements. The wind hit very quickly." ... Sabine Gibbons: "No warnings, a funny crunching sound, and it fell slowly." ... Stuart Mills"A giant gust of wind picked up a tarp and garbage from across the field and flung it toward the audience and lifted the whole stage — where Cheap Trick had been playing — and almost like a convertible in a car, just folded it backwards in the same direction."

Glenn Humplik "The winds were intense so we ran for cover in a panic between two trailers next to the stage. Moments later the stage collapsed with debris all over the place." ... Dew A.: "We saw very dark clouds then birds flying around like crazy. Then in strong winds came and started swaying the big stage. We were all in shock to see it collapse then everyone ran to the war museum for shelter. Tons of panic and people screaming but organizers opened all gates and guided us to safety."

Video - just after the stage collapse - from AdammironTV:

Video of the scene behind the stage after the collapse:

The sky, moments before the stage collapsed. Photo by Glenn Humplik.

a fallen light. photo by kittybroadway

Ottawa Police try to direct people away from the site of the collapsed MBNA stage at Bluesfest, while paramedics bring in a gurney.  Photo by Adam Dietrich.

Behind the stage. Photo by Karen Leggett

Richard Herrera

Michael Powell
Caitlin Kealey


Labelle Photo

More video of the post-collapse chaos:


Frank Appleyard at 7:24pm: "Received a report that strong wind has blown down a stage at#ottawa #bluesfest."

Ottawa Fire at 7:47pm: "Search is complete of stage area and all is clear. Noone trapped #ottnews #bluesfest. No word on injuries yet."

Ottawa Bluesfest at 8:17pm: "Official statement: There are no serious injuries on site."

CTV Ottawa at 8:32pm: "Ottawa paramedics say one person taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries, and another has been severely injured at #Bluesfest."  (And later: "Ottawa paramedics said a man was taken to hospital with critical, life-threatening injuries after something pierced his abdomen. He also suffered a fractured leg and pelvis. They said two others were taken to hospital - a 46-year-old male with a neck injury and a 40-year-old male with a chest injury. Two others were treated at the scene for ankle and knee injuries, according to paramedics.")

Cheap Trick on their Facebook page, just before 9pm: "“Everyone is okay + we are so lucky to be alive and hope that all the fans are okay too.”

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  1. Great on the spot coverage. Linked from my crappy little blog.

  2. Wow, I was working on National Bank stage and we really were shaken up by this front. Sounds like everyone will be alright.

  3. I have a bunch of photos on it:


  4. I seriously hope that this will not happen again. People can get hurt! Nice coverage of the event, btw, thanks!

    Just dial

  5. Very rare pictures and videos !!!
    It is very surprising :(

  6. Unbelievable. It's actually much crazier if you watch the thing fall in the photo screen in the foreground.


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