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July 06, 2011

I'm speaking at Social Capital (Ottawa's Social Media Conference) and I need your help!

So I'm one of the keynote speakers at Social Capital, a "social media learnathon" here in Ottawa on July 23. My talk will be about "building our city through social media".  I'll offer some ideas on how we can harness the power of social media to make our city a greater place to live.

What I need from you:
I'm looking for specific examples of people using social media to make our city a better place.  Three examples to get you started:

  1. The team at Apartment 613 and their promotion and coverage of Ottawa's cultural scene.
  2. The gang at foodieprints and how they are promoting Ottawa's food scene
  3. The folks who organized this year's Ottawa Twestival fundraiser.
I know there are many, many more -- please add a comment below or send me an email at feedback@ottawastart.com

Finally, thanks to the organizers at Social Capital for inviting me to speak.  Check out their interview with me, and make sure you buy your tickets before they sell out.

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  1. How about the Ottawa Mommy Club for offering free information to parents on parenting, resources, family related issues, outings, events and much more!

    www.ottawamommyclub.ca www.facebook.com/ottawamommy
    Twitter @OttawaMommyClub

    I definitely like your choice of topic. Way to go! Lyne Proulx

  2. How about getting the 311 service to post issues that they receive at their call center on Twitter. For example, I called in last week to report that all 4 lights at a major intersection were out. That would have been a great occasion to use social media to inform the community.

  3. I'd nominate Kids in the Capital (kidsinthecapital.ca) which has tons of info about stuff to do with your kids in this city, but also is about building a community of parents with young children through playdates and adult meetups.

    Also, Blog Out Loud is happening tomorrow (blogoutloud.org) - it's mostly for bloggers but it helps create a network of social media types. I find it binds people more closely when they can put a face/voice to a blog.

    Looking forward to hearing your talk!

  4. I heard about this guy who wanted to help the city by speaking to it's citizens on the subject of social media. So he turned to social media to help compile ideas for his speech.

  5. I like to think that by getting the word out about free and frugal activities which often don't have much of an advertising budget and which often have pretty hard to navigate websites (NCC, I'm talking about you!) that I'm helping to make Ottawa a better, "funner" place! :)

  6. I second the Kids in the Capital vote, and add one for Losing it in Ottawa. Both have been great for connecting and building the city.

  7. I learn a whole lot about events going on since I started following a lot of local people and event-related twitter feeds. I think those are fantastic!

    Also, I have to give props to Jim Watson. I don't now if he replies to every tweet directed at him, but he's certainly replied to all of mine, from a passing comment about IBM's Watson computer to concern about the effect cutting local bus routes will have on growing our transit system. He takes on positive, negative, and constructive comments from Ottawans and addresses them for all to see, which is a great thing for a city mayor to do.

  8. Ruvini3:35 PM

    Ottawa Festivals is always helping to promote all the various festivals and events in the city through Facebook and Twitter since we are a festival city! There's always something new that I discover both through its social media and website. Like hearing what all the local buzz is in arts, culture and tourism.

  9. I'm impressed the way Scott Moffat and the Rideau Goulbourn team use FB and Twitter to communicate. I learn a lot about what's happening in my community through them. (Can't wait to finally meet you at Social Capital!!)


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