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July 21, 2011

Hot enough for you? How about that heat? (photos)

The temperature surpassed 40C at OttawaStart World Headquarters in Stittsville, Ontario. This photo was taken just after 5:00pm on Thursday.  It was 36C in the shade.

A firefighter cooling down at Richardson Side Road fire.  Photo courtesy of Ottawa Fire Services.
According to Ian Black, At 5pm, Ottawa's humidex hit 46, the highest humidex level recorded since they started keeping track in 1953.  Still not clear if we beat the all-time July 21 air temperature record of 37.6C (1955).  Unoficially, the highest we made it today was 35.8C at the airport.

This guy got caught trying to cool down.  Photo by Chris Roussakis.

Almost as good as free beer, Stuntman Stu hands out some water downtown.  Photo by Graham Green.
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