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July 29, 2011

Fake Friday: Snarky Construction Traffic Sign Irks Westboro Residents

Westboro - A neighbourhood that prides itself on active living and a distinct lifestyle is upset at a snarky automated traffic sign stationed along Byron Avenue in the midst of a road construction zone. The sign used by a local construction company has an artificial intelligence system for monitoring and informing oncoming motorists of current traffic conditions that lie ahead. The automated sign, Model QB-794, has recently switched from informative traffic updates to a more snarky attitude, resulting in some off-hand remarks that is irritating some local residents who pass by the sign. “I was coming home from a particularly bad day at work and this sign tells me to slow down, there’s still lots of cake at the grocery store.” exclaimed Denise Hornbeck, a Westboro resident who wants the sign removed. 
The construction company using the sign has responded to complaints by saying that they have no control over what the sign displays since it uses an integrated artificial intelligence system. “We tried to re-program the system but it would not open the control door for us when we input the access code.” replied Joel Kesling, Operations Manager for the construction site. “We knew the QB-794 had some glitches, but this is ridiculous.” Kesling remarked. 
Other passing motorists have complained of QB-794 displaying other offensive remarks such as “YOU ARE STILL A LOSER EVEN IN A BMW” , “LETS HOPE YOUR SUSPENSION CAN HOLD UP UNTIL YOU GET TO YOGA” and most recently, “HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU REALLY USED THAT KAYAK ON TOP OF YOUR SUBARU?”. 
City officials have contacted QB Signs of Brampton, makers of the QB-794 in hopes they can re-program the sign or replace it by the weekend.
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  1. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Hahaha get a grip people. I live in Westboro and I think its hilarious!

  2. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Hahaha! That's hilarious! Is it possible someone hacked into the sign's system? Too funny, and I agree, people need to lighten up.

  3. In a world where so few connection are made "offline", it's so important for strangers to be able to laugh together. Signs and other practical jokes like this are exactly what people need to help reconnect to others, but it can all go to waste by folks who take themselves far too seriously. I find it particularly vain for someone to see a generic sign that's posted for EVERYONE to see to take it personally and find it insulting. If I had it my way, every sign would be like this.

    Hats off to Joel Kisling, for the way I read this story, Mr. Kisling has blamed technology for a "problem" that doesn't really exist, just so he can go on programming his sign with his own deliberate messages. To put himself in the public eye and tell a small fib for the sake of fun and laughter is a noble act, worth applause.



    Lol, this is too funny! Have a sense of humour, you guys.

  5. Anonymous7:52 AM

    I could only wish for that sign... lol

  6. Anonymous2:32 AM

    I find K's long comment about vanity to be self indulgent.


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