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June 02, 2011

Video Art: Cheryl Pagurek's digital art installation at the Marketplace Transitway station

You should go watch this video called "Currents" that's playing as part of a digital art installation at the new Marketplace Transit station in Barrhaven.  It's a strangely calming collection of photos and stills of mostly Barrhaven things.  (Just the prescription for the often-frustrating OC Transpo commute.)

A description: "Currents, a permanent site-specific artwork by Cheryl Pagurek, was commissioned by the City of Ottawa's Public Art Program for the Market Place Transit Station. Currents employs the medium of video to embody the concepts of flow, movement, and community identity. A free-standing LED screen features video imagery of the Jock River, its currents, reflections, and seasonal changes, maintaining a link to the nearby body of water in an area of rapid urban development. Through the incorporation of historical images of the area, Currents celebrates the surrounding environment while commemorating times past. By locating the present site within a continuum, the video harkens to the past and preserves the present for future generations. This video is silent."

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  1. very cool idea! will have to check it out.


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