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June 30, 2011

Rant of the Day: Bicycle bells (use them please)

It's been a while since we've posted a rant of the day (is Ottawa getting happier)?  But here's a must-read rant from Andrea at a peek inside the fishbowl, about bikes and bells.

If one cyclist passes another cyclist or any other person engaged in any activity on the bike path (i.e. walking, rollerblading, running) they are required to ring their bell in order to notify them of their passing. It’s the law.
It’s not rude, it’s not pushy, it’s a courtesy, a safety issue… especially for kids who are learning how to use the path.
The bell is an auditory cue that must be interpreted as: “HELLO, I’m here! I’m about to pass so don’t do anything crazy.”
And not: “Get the frig out of my way before I run you down you hoser.”
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