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June 04, 2011

Rain barrel rebates: They're not just for the waterban folks

UPDATE: Not to be outdone, Gatineau has a rain barrel rebate program too!
Rain barrel art from RainBarrel.ca
Did you know?  The City of Ottawa offers a $50 rebate for all residents who purchase a rain barrel.  It's not just for the waterban folks in Barrhaven, Manotick and Riverside South.  Some conditions apply, here's the info and application form.  I applied for mine yesterday.

If you are planning to buy a rain barrel, you should check out the community sales listed at RainBarrel.ca.  Several community groups are selling rain barrels through this site as a fundraiser.

See also: Ottawa City Hall Guide

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1 comment:

  1. You have good info. Drove into the area and saw the shocking 'water ban' signs. Very scary.
    If you've ever seen an overhead satellite shot of BBQhaven, though, the number of outdoor pools is shocking!

    We live in the middle of a wetland, run water from the well. No water shortage here!


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