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June 08, 2011

PHOTO: Incredible shot of lightning, today at the Experimental Farm


Just got an email from Jared Young, who sent along this AMAZING photo during the storm -- along with a few more here on his Flickr page.

"One of them is only about 400m from where I was, but I could not find the exact location of the hit when I went to look for it. Too bad, as it would have made a neat set of photos. People were still walking and cycling along the road in the farm, right out in the open, while I was taking these, a bit to the side on that one hit and I would suddenly be practicing first aid in the rain."

So how did he get this amazing shot, without getting killed?

"I saw on the Franktown Radar that a storm was coming in. So I headed to a site near my house that I had scouted months earlier for just this occasion. There is a large shed with a covered area on the side in the western fields of the Experimental Farm. I got there just as the rain started. I setup the camera, tested some exposures (smallest apeture at f/22 and about 2s exposure). I setup the remote for continuious shooting and framed in the sky. About 450 shots later and I had some keepers. One hit was only a few hundred meters away."

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  1. That is an amazing photo!

  2. That shows the benefits of digital photography. And patience! Well done. What I find funny is that the tree frogs continued to chirp while the thunder and lightning boomed!


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