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June 16, 2011

Ottawa choir wants your complaints, please

From a press release posted to OttawaStart:
The 2011 Ottawa Summer Season begins with a call for ALL citizens to voice their COMPLAINTS openly and personally!

People in Ottawa may let on that everything's sunny and well maintained, but daily life, especially in the summer, can cause a lot of things inside to simmer and then boil over.

Just as Parliament begins its new session, just as your back hurts, just as we await the next Royal Visit, just as your dog smells,just as school's almost out, just as the temperature rises, just as a postal strike looms, just as your relatives plan to visit, just as you miss your bus,
just as you wake up for work and run out of milk, and just as we ALL begin another Festival tourist summer in one of the most "pretty and polite" cities in Canada, IT'S TIME NOW to let everyone know what's REALLY bugging you about YOUR life each day in Ottawa.

If you have something that you've always wanted to get off your chest, the 2011 OTTAWA CAPITAL COMPLAINTS CHOIR wants to know what it is! *

This Community Art project gives a musical platform for citizens to privately vent their daily personal complaints & have these turned into a song.

The more inventive & personal each of your complaints are, the better!

Do you feel no one’s listening? Tired of being friendly & quiet each day when there’s always something or someone doing something you can’t stand?

What disappoints you lately about yourself? All complaints collected can vary from small daily irritations to big global issues.

Anything that annoys YOU as a person who happens to live in Ottawa is useful material.
SEND your secret beef to the 2011 OTTAWA CAPITAL COMPLAINTS CHOIR!
Read the full press release here...

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