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June 05, 2011

GIVEAWAY: Win a family pass to the South Keys Family Fair

UPDATE: Congrats to Shaun Hassanali who won this week's contest.  More giveaways coming soon, please subscribe to get updates!

Anti-Tall.  Photo by Glen Gower.

We're giving away another great prize courtesy of Classic Amusements. This week's draw is for a Family Outing Package to the South Keys Family Fair, from June 9-12 at South Keys Mall.  Each prize pack includes:
  • 2 all-you-can-ride bracelets (for the kids) 
  • 30 ride tickets (for mom & dad) 
  • 2 bags of cotton candy 
  • 1 large bag of popcorn 
  • (Please note - prize pack can only be redeemed from Thursday to Saturday.)
It's a great idea for a family outing -- but if you don't have kids, you can still win and take some friends or make it a date night.

Three ways to enter:
  1. Write a comment at the bottom of this blog post, and tell us "what fair ride would you NEVER go on"? 
  2. If you have a Twitter account, tweet this for an extra entry: "You can win a family pass to the South Keys Family Fair from @ottawastart - enter here: http://goo.gl/fb/wsgsH"
  3. And for another bonus entry, head over to OttawaStart's Facebook page, and "Comment" on the the contest info that's posted on our wall.  (And while you're at it, would you "like" our page too?)
So yes, you can have up to THREE entries in the contest to increase your chance to win.  We'll do the draw on Wednesday night, June .  So check back to this space that evening to see if you're a winner. GOOD LUCK!  

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  1. I would never go on the Zipper.

  2. I would never go on the Gravitron...especially after 2 bags of Cotton Candy and 1 bag of Popcorn!

  3. I would never go on the Ferris Wheel - too dang high! I DO love the low to the ground zippy rides though...and know that I may have my priorities a little out of whack.

  4. LOOOVE THE ZIPPER!!!!!! Hate the Pirate ship.. I dread being dragged on that ride.

  5. Spinning teacups are AWFUL!!!

  6. I wouldn't go on the Ferris Wheel - I never feel too safe with them putting it up in less than a few hours!! eek!!!

  7. Anonymous3:44 PM

    I would never go on the Zipper, my stomach does flip flops just staring at it!

  8. No ferris wheels for me, wouldn't want to stop at the top!

  9. I would NEVER go on the Gravitron........just thinking about it makes me sick. YUCK!

  10. I will never go on the Zipper. Seems like I'm not the only one :)


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