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June 14, 2011

Cool tool: Downloadable garbage/recycling collection calendars

Garbage Day
I'm sure some of this stuff could have been recycled.  Photo by Zhu.

Saw this recently on Shawn Hooper's blog:
As my contribution to 2010′s Open Data Ottawa Hackfest, I converted the City of Ottawa’s Garbage Collection Calendar into a open format (iCalendar) so that the schedule could be used for purposes like being imported into your favourite calendaring application such as MS Outlook, Google Calendar, or even your smartphone.
This is great for people like me, who:
a) always misplace that paper calendar the City of Ottawa sends out
b) can't remember which week is blue box week and which week is black box week.

For more info and to download the calendars, click here.

See also: Ottawa Garbage & Recycling Guide
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