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May 26, 2011

Where to cheer on the runners at the marathon this weekend

Ottawa Race Weekend is this Saturday and Sunday downtown.  The main event is the full marathon, which starts on Sunday morning at 7:00am at the intersection of Elgin and Laurier.  This year's new marathon route will take the race through more neighbourhoods than before, so we asked our readers for suggestions on the best spots to watch the race from.  Here's what they came up with:
  • The finish line, of course.  It's on Queen Elizabeth Driveway next to the Cartier Drill Hall (near Laurier Avenue). The fastest racers will cross the finish line around 9:00am.
  • Watch the racers as they run under the new Chinatown Arch on Somerset Street.
  • Line the streets of Wellington West / Hintonburg.
  • Anywhere along Sussex Drive - if you're near the Art Gallery you can catch the race from two directions.
  • Preston Street, or Beechwood Ave, or maybe from the patio at the Royal Oak near Pretoria.
Race weekend organizers are also encouraging spectators to gather at one of at least 14 "Registered Cheering Zones".   Various community groups will be set up at official cheering stations, and competing to demonstrate the best spirit and commitment to encouraging the runners.

Where will you be watching the race from?  Let us know in the comments below.

Check out our Ottawa Race Weekend page for maps, schedules and more about the event.

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  1. I've run 2 years and I'm doing bike first aid this year. Unless you want the crowds, don't go to the popular places, go where it's been empty for a while. Those slow, long, boring, empty stretches are the places where I appreciated it the most and where I paid the most attention to the people cheering.

    I will be patrolling the course out near the aviation museum, and I know that the parkway out there is sparsely populated with fans. It's a great area to just hang out, so I recommend it.

    Additionally, one of my friends has a whole plan setup to allow him to catch a friend of ours that is running at multiple locations. You can change location faster than the runners by not staying on the course, so try it out, cheer multiple times. It helps.



  2. That's a great suggestion JC, thanks for posting that.


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