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May 30, 2011

Tourist calls Ottawa "tawdry", threatens to never come back

Here's a letter to the editor from today's Citizen (thanks to Matthew Pearson for pointing it out).  Rundown, unfriendly and mean, I can take.  But tawdry?  That really crosses the line.

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  1. My friend from Newfoundland visited Ottawa a month ago and found that people in both Ottawa and Gatineau were more friendly than in Newfoundland. I'd be upset at finding that ticket on my car, especially if I didn't see the sign, but to base your whole perspective on the city by one incident (and on not being able to find parking) is small minded.

  2. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Last time I checked, the City of Ottawa had a forgiveness program in place where out-of-town visitors could have parking tickets revoked. All they have to do is contact City Hall altho' this program may no longer be in effect. Kind of a petty thing to base your judgement of an entire city on IMNSHO.

  3. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Interestingly, Bethsheila does invite people to "Join [her], for a one-of-a-kind, up-close and personal introduction to Cape Breton's natural history!" http://www.bing.com/search?q=%22bethsheila+kent%22&src=IE-SearchBox&Form=IE8SRC

    Her name was interesting. I had to look it up. So next time you're in Cape Breton you know who to call...

  4. I work in the market -- there're signs. And how. But tourists always miss stuff that locals see easily. I'm interested in the unmentioned (or edited out) stuff. Mean? What the heck happened? She sounds really rattled. Can't just be over a ticket. Too bad she had such a rotten time.

  5. I can totally understand the complaint about the bad parking signage. It was the name calling that got my back up.

  6. Anonymous8:19 PM

    I can sympathize with the parking thing, but it's a danger in any city. I hate pay and display, but I guess it's the norm now. As for 'tawdry', I'm not sure what that was about. Maybe she saw some bimbos and jocks outside a nearby bar. Again, that's par for the course when you're outside a bar on a Saturday night.


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