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May 28, 2011

Summary of changes to Ontario's new liquor laws

Pub Italia on the Corso Italia stretch of Preston Street in Ottawa's Little Italy.
Pub Italia in Little Italy.  Photo by Steve Brandon, used by permission.
The Ontario Government announced this week that they're updating our province's liquor laws. Here's a summary of the changes that go into effect June 1:
  1. Festivals and events can define an area larger than beer tents where people can walk around freely with drinks. Local communities are free to customize the events to their needs.
  2. Restaurant and bar servers can carry drinks on public sidewalks to licensed areas such as patios.
  3. Special events such as weddings or charity fundraisers can serve alcohol for an extra hour until 2 a.m.
  4. Business owners can give a complimentary drink to customers to celebrate a special occasion like an anniversary.
  5. The province is also strengthening enforcement by adding additional monetary penalties against those who violate Ontario's liquor laws.
The official press release about the changes is here.

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  1. If the province REALLY wanted to make changes to the liquor laws, they'd allowed the sale of beer and wine in convenience stores and supermarkets...


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