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May 07, 2011

Ottawa guy tries to trade a camera into a car

Inspired by the guy who managed to parlay a red paper clip for a house, Ottawa resident Martin Prevost (that's him on the right with his son) is trying to trade up from a Minolta SLR Maxuum 400si (with carrying bag) to a Tesla Roadster.

Says Martin: "I would have to save up my full salary for about four years to purchase this car. My wife and I also started a family with the birth of our beautiful son, William, almost two years ago and have a brand new house to pay for. Obviously, our financial priorities are elsewhere. So I had to get creative."

He's blogging about his project (of course he is), and so far he's managed to turn that camera into a Super VIP Tour for 45 people at Beau's All Natural Brewing Co.

So what would you trade for that?

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1 comment:

  1. That's a pretty lofty goal, I think the trade for the tour was a risky move, but it may work out as those VIP tours are generally not cheap when you have to pay for them.


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