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May 13, 2011

Ottawa guy loses laptop, tracks it down in a tequila bar in NYC, live tweets the recovery

UPDATE - SATURDAY, 8:30am: Sean returns to NYC, and gets his laptop back.


Late last night, Ottawa writer / tech guy Sean Power watched and tweeted as someone logged into his stolen Macbook in a tequila bar in New York City.

He lost the laptop on a trip there earlier this week. Lucky for him, before he lost it he installed a piece of software called Prey, which let him track down his computer as soon as somebody tried to use it.

It was an episode of LAW AND ORDER: TWITTERVERSE.  Sean live-tweeted as he watched someone log onto his laptop. He captured a photo of the person remotely via web cam, took a screen shot as the guy logged into gmail, and called NYPD.

The police didn’t show, but people in New York reading Sean’s tweets intervened and managed to retrieve the laptop!  Sean’s on his way back to New York City today to get it.

Check out Sean’s Twitter stream here – the story starts around 11:00pm on Thursday night.

UPDATE 1: A full blow-by-low account of what happened from Storify.com
UPDATE 2: CBC's All In A Day will be interviewing Sean this afternoon around 3:15pm

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