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May 22, 2011

My proposal for an Ottawa Dandelion Festival in 2012

Photo by Maddie Gower
Enough complaining about dandelions, let's celebrate 'em.  After all, they are on proud display in lawns and parks all over the city.  Here's my proposal for an annual Ottawa Dandelion Festival, starting in 2012.
  1. The festival shall be held the weekend following the final weekend of the Ottawa Tulip Festival.
  2. The festival shall be one day in length, scheduled on the Saturday.
  3. It shall be held in a large grassy park that is covered with dandelions.  (That really narrows it down, eh?)
  4. The festival shall feature a day-long music concert, with local and Canadian bands.  (Remember all the great bands they used to book at the Tulip Fest?)
  5. It shall not rain.
  6. The festival shall feature a stand-up comedy component, with many dandelion jokes.
  7. There shall be dandelions-as-food demonstrations by local foodies and local chefs.
  8. There shall be a local beer sponsor, like Beau's or Kichesippi.
  9. Spartacat shall make an appearance, because he is a dandy lion.
  10. There shall be a dandelion picking contest for kids, with prizes for the most dandelions collected.
  11. There shall be an arts component featuring crafty tributes to the noble dandelion.
  12. There will be a photo contest, with prizes for the best Ottawa dandelion photograph.
While I love attending festivals, I have no idea how to organize one. So if anyone wants to volunteer to help, please step up. And please add any other ideas for this festival below.

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  1. Dandelion wine, dandelion necklaces, dandelion salad! You can paint your face yellow with dandelions. The kids would have a ball. Wear yellow.

  2. Why not check out Kemptville's Dandelion festival (next weekend) for some inspiration perhaps?


  3. Turns out that besides the Kemptville Dandelion Fest, there is actually another Ottawa Dandelion Festival:

    But it was a few weeks ago: "Environmentalists, health groups, artists, organic farmers, chefs, and families will join to celebrate the Dandelion Festival in Ottawa's Confederation Park, Saturday, May 11th, from 10-4. An artist's installation of signs about pesticide use will also be unveiled on Parliament Hill."

  4. rachel horsley10:32 PM

    dandelion wine :)


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