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May 25, 2011

The Great Glebe Garage Sale is on Saturday, here are some pro tips for getting ready

The legendary Great Glebe Garage Sale is this Saturday, May 28.  Are you ready?

  1. You MUST read David Scrimshaw's Garage Sale Schema for all the pro tips on navigating this event.  Required reading for tips like: "Don't make plans for late afternoon ... you'll need a nap when you get home" and "don't bother with the blocks east of Bank" and ."buy lemonade from kids as often as your internal organs permit".  (That's Dave's self-portrait on the right.)

  2. Once you've read Dave's rules, for balance you should read Zoom's recommendation to break all the rules.
  3. The official start time is 9:00am, but if you start at 9:00am you'll miss out on the best stuff. People have been known to start browsing at 7:00am or earlier. (Not that we're encouraging that.)

  4. Did you know that sellers are encouraged to donate a portion of their sales (10% recommended) to the Ottawa Food Bank?

  5. This garage sale goes rain or shine.

  6. Don't even think of bringing your car. Traffic in the Glebe is always chaos on garage sale day, but it will be particularly challenging with Ottawa Race Weekend and Bank Street construction going on.  If you have to bring a car, parking is free at Lansdowne Park.
  7. If you're posting about the event on twitter, the official hashtag is #gggs

  8. To be fair, the Great Glebe Garage Sale is far from the only big neighbourhood garage sale in town.  Check out @ott_garage_sale for more local listings.

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