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May 04, 2011

Free Star Party on Saturday, May 7 - International Astronomy Day 7

A reminder about a great event from Sean McConnery, a local photographer and astronomy fan:
Astronomy Day is all about sharing the joy of Astronomy with those who have never had an opportunity to view the moon and planets through a telescope - "Bringing Astronomy to the People". Astronomy clubs, museums, observatories, planetariums and many others host or sponsor events for the public in parks, shopping malls and many other locations.

Ottawa hosts one of the biggest events in Canada. The Ottawa Valley Astronomy and Observers Group will be hosting a FREE Star Party from morning to 11:00pm at Chapters, Silver City Shopping Centre. In previous years there has been between 50 - 100 telescopes of various sizes and types for the public to look through. Attendance has always been in the thousands! 

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