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May 16, 2011

Captivating photos of our mundane suburbs

All photos above by Aaron Segaert, from his Suburbia collection.  Used by permission.

Recently came across some photo series from Aaron Segaert, depecting different neighbourhoods in Ottawa.  They're all beautiful shots, but his collections called Suburbia (photos shot near Algonquin College, including the ones shown above) and Barrhaven really stood out form. They're full of interesting shapes, colours and patterns that are hidden in these neighbourhoods.

Aaron is a sociologist who moved to Ottawa two years ago to do research on homelessness for the Federal Government.  "I also do more conventional photography in Ottawa, but everyone takes pictures of the Parliament Buildings and all that. I guess my little contribution is to photograph regular streets and houses."

You can see more of his work at MetroPerspectives.com

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