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April 03, 2011

Ottawa radio news: Morning show musical chairs on BOB, Majic

Update - April 10: Stuntman Stu tells all about why he made the move to Majic

If you're a BOB FM or Majic 100 listener, you'll hear some new voices tomorrow morning on the morning shows:
  • On Majic, Stuntman Stu and Angie Poirier will host a new morning show.  Stu moves down the hall from Bob, and Angie moves upstairs from the A-Morning tv show.  The music format won't change but the new hosts are a much younger pair than the previous team. Tricia Owens (former A-Ottawa reporter) will do the news.
  • On Bob, Sandy Sharkey gets two new co-hosts, Vinney White and Melanie Adams (news). Melanie comes from Majic 100, and Vinney has been the evening host on Bob for a few years.  He's originally from Brighton, England and has the accent to prove it.
  • As for the previous Majic morning hosts, Codi Jeffreys will now host evenings and Bill Parker has retired from the station after 20 years. The Sun reports that Kevin Nelson is permanently leaving the show due to illness.
  • More info about the changes on Milkman Unlimited.
Bob and Majic are both owned by Bell Media, and housed in the same building as Team 1200, CFRA, CTV and A.  For Stuntman Stu, this will be the third Chum/Bell Media morning show that he's hosted.  Steve Madely over at CFRA better watch his back.

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  1. Anonymous9:07 PM

    TALENT TRUMPS STUNTS: I don't think Madely has any worries. However -- and it's just my opinion, not anything I might have heard -- I do think maybe Stuntman is running out of formats in the building.


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