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April 30, 2011

Awesome Ottawa: The Deckster (file under fashion, technology, music, entrepreneurs)

Chrys and Dom Coballe are husband-and-wife team of designers from Ottawa. They're working on a really cool product called Deckster:
We think a naked wrist is a terrible, terrible thing. Good thing we have designed a fun and fashionable remedy for this plague on humanity. Say hello to the Deckster, the ideal unisex tailoring for the Apple iPod nano. The Deckster showcases the marriage of versatile design, quality materials and fine craftsmanship. Our goal from the start was to have everything (aluminum jacket, leather bands and paper packaging) made in North America using sustainable processes, but it has proven to be 3x more expensive than overseas manufacturing.

They're trying to raise $30,000 in the next month to cover part of the tooling & set-up costs to manufacturer the product, which they hope to ship in July.  Here's how you can help them out with as little as $10...

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