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April 11, 2011

Ask OttawaStart: Fevertree Ginger Beer, Scallops, Cafe Wim, Bikes

Earlier today on Twitter we asked readers for their questions about Ottawa, and then tried to find some answers.
  1. Where can I get Fever-tree ginger beer in Ottawa? (from @traveleater)
    Fever-tree is a UK drink company, and Farmboy used to carry its products.   You can get it at Play food & wine, but it's tough to find in stores. @moefraser suggests the Scottish & Irish Store in Bells Corners. Barring that, maybe a special order from the Canadian distributor?
  2. Where's the best restaurant to get scallops in Ottawa? (from @MaulerMauler)
    Lots of responses to this one, including Whalesbone (Kent Street), Pelican Fishery & Grill (Bank Street), the Merivale Fish Market (Merivale Road).  @cestboncooking recommended the Digby Scallops at Play food & wine, which are only available seasonally.  For cooking at home, readers suggested Farm Boy and the Fish Market

  3. Is there a place in Ottawa w a similar atmosphere to the old Cafe WIM? (from @NikMaack)
    No clear answer for this one, but it did generate some discussion.  @chrischasecars suggests Memories Restaurant in the Byward Market, but says Memories "doesn't have WIM's beatnik atmosphere".  And what, exactly, was that atmosphere like?  @spacingottawa describes it as one of a kind: "Where you can smoke, play cribbage, and eat herring and onions on toast".  Cafe WIM has a web site, by the way.

  4. Where's the best place to buy kids bikes? (from @missfish)
    Lots of answers here, including Kunstadt, Bushtukah, Joe Mamma's and Sports Experts.  All those stores and more are listed on our Bike Guide  Or the second hand route, including checking out the annual Kanata Scout bike exchange fundraiser, on April 30.  @missfish has a great discussion going on over on her blog as well.

Do you have a better answer?  Please add it to the comments below.  

Stay tuned, we'll do another edition of Ask OttawaStart soon.  You can participate by following us on Twitter.

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  1. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Fever Tree products are available at Nature's Pantry at Billings Bridge Plaza


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