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March 20, 2011

Photos of the Supermoon over Ottawa last night

I saw lots of great photos of last night's Supermoon from local photographers, but here are some of my favourites.  First, from Jason Tetro (published here with permission).


Second, from Ron Hay (used by permission):

If you have a great photo - please send it to us at feedback@ottawastart.com or add a link in the comments below.  More Ottawa Supermoon photos:
More reader contributions:

Andy Nguy:

...and from Alan Buckley:

...how about this one from Peggy, taken from the Hydro property off McCarthy Road:

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  1. Those are excellent. It was very cold here in Perth. And nothing like the city buildings for an anchor. But I was pleased with my effort, as an amateur!

  2. Nice collection of shots, I've posted some up to our blog now that I have time to process all the data.

    Shots through my telescope...

    Rising Colour Change...

    I'm surprised how many people actually took the time to actually take photos considering how quiet it was the day before about the subject.


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