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February 24, 2011

VIDEO: "Reflection" - new song from the Brothers Dube

Ottawa's favourite kid rockers, The Brothers Dube (formerly The Dube Brothers) have been working on new songs in the studio.  Their latest video for the song Reflection is below.  You might remember them from Bluesfest last summer, when they jammed with Arcade Fire just outside of the main gates.

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  1. Anonymous1:20 AM

    WOW! They are great and THIS is a great song! Do they have a CD out?

  2. Anonymous9:22 PM

    You guys have improved tremendously! I will always be one of your number 1 fans!!! Great job!

  3. Hi thanks! We are recording an album due out in May. 50% of the proceeds from the album will be going to charity and getting matched by Arcade Fire (so 100% of the value of the album will be going to charity!). thanks for your positive comments.

    here's a sample of another tune from the album (this is just a rough cut) (starts at the 30 second mark)



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